Alexis Bandy,
Poppy and Thunder

​I have been using Lei-Anna for over 2 years now and it was been nothing but a positive experience. Malvina's Ring was an OTTB and had a sensitive back, especially in the colder months. After having Lei-Anna work on this mare, I immediately noticed a difference in the way she moved and acted. We had certain warm up and cool down exercises that helped us immensely, along with the stretching as well.

Gracious Thunder is a 17.3hh goofy mare who had no idea how to use her body when I got her. With huge help from Lei-Anna, we have been able to help this mare with regular massages, kinesiology tape and proper stretching. Her flat work has been coming along nicely and she's been able to stretch undersaddle with ease and she's been quite pleasant to work with. Lei-Anna has been a blessing in disguise for Thunder, and I can't wait to see how she progresses.

Adam ​ Li,
Maximum Equestrian Team

As the head trainer and coach of the Maximum Equestrian team, I recognize the importance of horses performing to their fullest abilities. Lei-Anna of Tambercreek Equine services has been treating our competition horses for 2016 and we have seen great results. Whether the horse is muscle sore and requires immediate treatment or regular maintence massages, Lei-Anna has proven to be very beneficial to our horses performance. She is very easy to organize massages with and her easy going personality makes all the horses instantly fall for her. Magic hands!

Taylyn Andrews, Wingman & The Maximum Equestrian Team

We always feel a huge difference after Lei-Anna comes out and works on our sales horses along with my up and coming Grand Prix dressage horse (Wingman). Our horses are in a high intensity training program in order for them to become the best they can be in the time that they are with us. Tambercreek has assisted our horses in relieving tension and becoming stronger, happier horses. Lei-Anna is very relaxed and quiet with the horses as she works her magic with them which gives the horse(s) time to really relax during their therapy session for optimal results. We have been very fortunate to have Tambercreek Equine Services as part of our equine team at Maximum Equestrian and would highly recommend her to be apart of your team as well.

Chelsea Field
and Aspen

​Lei Anna is definitely someone you want on your team! We started Aspen young, and at first it was hard for his baby brain to stand in cross ties for an hour. Now I think he could stand there all day - at times he’s so relaxed and content I’m not even sure he’s awake! Aspen very clearly shows his appreciation for Lei Anna immediately, but also the impact it has on the rides that follow is amazing! Aside from doing great work, Lei Anna is very accommodating and makes sure she fits us in when Aspen needs her. She recommends different stretches to do in order to maintain a happy horse until her next visit.

Brittany Blythe
and Garret

I have known Lei-Anna for a long time and when I bought Garret I knew there was no one else that I would want working on my horse. I have been using Tambercreek Equine Services for over 2 years now and Garret has loved every minute of it. He went from being a sore, sensitive, cold backed horse to a nice relaxed horse on the flat that’s willing to drop down long and low. Garret had a troubled past which included incorrect training and as a result involved lots of tight and sore muscles. When Lei-Anna first started working on him he was the type of horse that would break cross ties if he felt unsure. Now he stands completely still and falls asleep every time. Garret and I have 100% trust in the work that Lei-Anna does and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist for their horse.

Marissa and

I started using Tambercreek back in March 2017 for my hunter gelding. I was looking for someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to assist in unlocking my gelding's tight muscles and help my horse become a better athlete. Lei-anna was timely, easy to talk to and fantastic at explaining the body work she was doing. My gelding was beyond happy, with lots of yawning and licking. Even after the first massage we noticed a significant difference in his striding, stretching and even mindset. Lei-anna is always easy to schedule with and I honestly wouldn't choose anyone else to work on my horse. I am beyond happy with her services and recommend her to everyone.

Sarah Tanner, Te Amo & Konrad

I started using Tambercreek Equine Services, after my young horse started showing signs of muscle soreness and stiffness. As a young jumper, Te Amo is a very hot blooded mare that contently puts 100% into each ride, as a result over time she starts to shorten her step and throws a few bucks from back pain and shoulder pain. At first I wasn’t sure what to do. Like every horse person, you want what’s best for your horse. So, a friend of mine recommended Lei-Anna, owner of Tambercreek Equine Services. After her first massage, Te Amo showed improvements. Our first ride after the massage, Lei-Anna recommended a loose and long rein ride to get the muscles stretching. A few days later, we jumped around and Te Amo went smoothly to each jump. I couldn’t have been happier that day. After seeing what Lei-Anna could do, I also got her massaging my other horse.

Konrad is a big 18 hand grey gelding. As most horse people know, large horses are prone to muscle soreness because of how long and large they are. Once again, Lei Anna has shown me another huge improvement in his movement. It is wonderful having Lei-Anna come out and massage them because not only does she massage them but also shows me exactly where the pain is and what I can do to help after rides. Simple stretches after rides is the best way a rider can help any horse. As a horse owner, lover and competitor, I recommend using Lei-Anna’s services on your horse.