"A holistic approach to equine wellness"

Tambercreek Equine Services is committed to facilitating healing and developing equine athletes naturally. We combine extensive education with years of experience to design tailored therapy programs for each client.  

Tambercreek Equine Services is owned and operated by accredited equine massage therapist Lei-Anna Lauzier. Horses were introduced into her life at the young age of five and have since been her passion. Over the years she has managed her own stable and a variety of others including a former Olympic Show Jumper's. Wanting a career with horses on the therapeutic side she was excited to discover equine massage. 

Lei-Anna graduated from the D'AL School  Equine of Massage and Rehabilitation in London, ON in 2011. The course is a two year college program that distinguishes itself from others as it is the only to date program consisting of 2200 hours versus other courses that consist of only a couple days. Lei-Anna continues to expand her knowledge on a daily basis and is also certified in equine kinesiology taping by Angel's Animals, LLC. The course is designed for professionals and is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB). Incorporating taping, stretching, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises and home care are an important aspect leading to the success of the client's rehabilitation.   

In November 2018 Lei-Anna became a member of the IEBWA (International Equine Body Workers Association). IEBWA requires it's members to have graduated from an equine body workers course that has a minimum of 300 hours of education with direct instructor contact, completion of case studies and a formal examination. In addition members must carry full indemnity insurance and comply with annual continued education requirements. Membership is only extended to practiontioners that have demonstated proficiency in the field by reaching a set educational standard. IEBWA also ensures that it's members maintain high professional and ethical standards of practice. Lei-Anna is  fully insured through Holmans Insurance. ​