Therapeutic Massage Sessions

Bodywork sessions are a customized 45-60 minute session that are based in Swedish massage therapy but include specialized techniques as well. A hand held red light device is incorporated for problem areas as well as Kinesiology taping and stretching. Lei-Anna takes a holistic approach to her sessions which means it is a priority to discuss management and welfare aspects in order to ensure the client is able to thrive. Remedials and home care may be given to the client. Sessions are beneficial to both physical and mental health, which is essential to achieving true wellness. 

Single Session- $75
- initial assessment is free and part of initial session
- Mileage Fees may be applicable based on location

Session Packages Available

Trio Package- $205 

Ultra Package- $335 

*Group Rate*

Eligible for groups of 3+

$10 off/horse= $65 each

Cancellation Policy: as a small business please note; if you do not provide 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule there will be a $25 charge. 

(Infrared& Red Light Therapy)

" Developed by science and backed by top trainers and world class riders, RevitaVet is simply the best. With over 40 years of independent research worldwide, light therapy has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. For use in horses, humans, canines and all other animals."
- RevitaVet 

ONly available as an add-ON to bodywork sessions- $25

Uses: pain, Kissing Spines, arthritis, bursitis, blunt trauma, muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), tendonitis, tendon injuries, fractures, contusions, wounds, sciatica, surgical incisions and many more.
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Having your horse on a regular bodywork program is essential for preventing injuries and optimizing performance. We believe that treating not only the body but also the mind with massage results in happy, healthy horses. Every horse no matter what age or discipline can benefit.

Equine Therapeutic PRoducts

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