Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultations are a virtual (through google meet) video call (phone call also option for those that don't prefer video) that is up to 45 mins. The aim is to discuss any issues the horse may be having/the goal the owner is looking to achieve. Recommendations for herbal aillies, products etc are then suggested. Owners will be taught how to use the herbs suggested and provided resources on where to purchase/obtain herbs. Each session includes a write up with suggested herbs and other pertinent information. To book a consult please send us an email or send us a direct message on Instagram.


Lei-Anna has been studying & practicing herbalism for over 15 years now. Her love for herbalism started at a young age when she was looking for a solution to put some condition on some off the track thoroughbreds. Amazed by the results she continued on to make various salves, tinctures and infusions for whatever was ailing the horses at the time. Using herbs is an every day practice of hers, whether its for herself, the cat, the dogs or the horses.

Lei-Anna is an Herbalist, not a veterinarian. Please consult your vet for medical advice.