For knowledge seeking horse owners looking to improve their horses well-being

Herbal Infusions for the Horse Owner E-book

After a decade of being in the equine wellness space as an equine massage and rehab specialist, I have seen horses struggle with the same ailments over and over. Taking a natural and holistic approach has always been my MO and it's greatly benefited my clients which has created the business I have today. Herbalism was my first love prior to me becoming an equine massage therapist. I loved that I could transform a horses health using herbs. I unfortunately have seen many clients over the years be failed by the conventional methods provided to them. This is the number one reason I decided it was time to bring herbalism to horse owners. It's affordable, safe and most importantly very effective. Horses were made to eat herbs! They will naturally search them out if given the opportunity. This is your chance as a horse owner to allow your equine partner to thrive, in a way that nature always intended.

Herbal infusions are an easy (and effective) way for beginners to start to explore herbalism